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Pls don’t tire out like Amber Heard did with Johnny Depp

I know I fvcked up a lot of times in stuff that I do. I’m sorry you married a weirdo. I’m sorry I sometimes fail to be the sweet husband you always picture in your dreams. I’m sorry I tolerate our kids’ antics and attitudes. I’m sorry for sometimes not understanding you in some issues and arguments. I’m sorry for being a jerk at times.

I know, being an artist is not an excuse 😁… but amidst all these… my heart and soul only belongs to you and never in a hundred lifetimes would i want someone to be with but you. Thank you for always being there for me and standing up with all of my shortcomings…

The pandemic put a wall between us and sadly I can’t just fly there to be with you like the past years. I miss you so much and it’s been a year now since we get to be together. This is our 20th and all I ever wish for is to be with you. Not the gifts, not the travel or extravagant celebrations. No words can define how much I longed to be there.

Happy Anniversary, Honey 😘… We are always H&M and you will always be my Alter Ego..

Pls don’t tire out like Amber Heard did with JD…

I love you more than you’ll know ❤️…

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