Poetic Dustbin

MTG Arena Decks & Gameplays

Magic the Gathering is the game that I fell in love with. I’ve been playing paper magic since the release of 4th Ed. I’ve started off with a mono black deck then a blue control deck. I didn’t have money then to buy really good cards but now with the release of MTG Arena I get to play most of the good modern cards online against other players. Though I play a variety of color decks, I am a full-time DIMIR control player.

MTG Deck in Focus

Dimir Mill with Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, Maddening Cacophony, Teach by Example
Don’t forget about the Ruin Crab… This deck is all about controlling the board and milling out your opponent. We double cast Maddening Cacophony and/or Tasha’s Hideous Laughter with Teach by Example or Maddening with Sea Gate Stormcaller to expedite the library drain. Special mentions on Ashiok the Nightmare Muse, Professor Onyx and Xanathar, Guild Kingpin for support at the later part of the game. Time to piss off your opponent!

MTG Arena Gameplays

Check out my recent game plays with different types of colors and deck builds.

Poetic Dustbin - MTG Arena - Standard Strixhaven Orzhov Angel Deck with Yorion, Baneslayer Angel and Vanishing Verse

MTG Arena Strixhaven Original Standard Deck… I never use a Net Deck ever! I can’t say my decks are better but I’m …

MTG Arena - Strixhaven Standard Rakdos Discard Deck with Valki of Lies, Kroxa and Immerstrum Predator - Poetic Dustbin

Disrupt the opponent’s plan by discarding his hand bit by bit until it’s empty. The combo of Elderfang and Acquisitions Expert in …

MTG Arena - Standard Kaldheim Mono Red with Fiery Emancipation, Sundering Stroke & Goldspan Dragon

Its as simple as throwing critical burn spells to your opponent. Use the Shocks and Storm’s Wrath to control the board and …

MTG Arena - Original Kaldheim Standard Deck Esper Control with Ashiok, Ugin, Kaya and Dream Trawler

MTG Arena Standard Kaldheim Esper Control Deck, How do you pilot this. Right timing on the usage of kill spells and counter …

MTG Arena Original Deck - Standard Kaldheim - Mono Red Aggro with Goldspan Dragon - Poetic Dustbin

Mono Red… this deck… is simple enough to use… cast your creatures and attack… Kill any threats… then attack and attack till …

MTG Arena - Kaldheim Azorious Standard Bird Deck with Raven's Warning and Dream Trawler - Poetic Dustbin

Well, Are you a bird lover? This deck is for you. It’s a fun azorious aggro deck but it can be competitive …