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French Toast with Cheese

How To Make a Simple French Toast with Cheese

View on Instagram https://instagr.am/p/CQ7oZGeHzRj/ Sometimes when I really feel stressed about everything, I cook or make something to eat… I’m not really an expert on this nor have I went to any culinary school… This French Toast with Cheese is a pretty easy stuff to cook… What you need: Bread Evaporated Milk 2 Eggs Quick …

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Life’s like a week version of Groundhog Day

Have a Great Monday Morning Humans! Egg, Corned Beef and Too much Garlic Rice 😈🤘 . . . . . . . Breakfast-Work-Lunch-Work-Dinner-Sleep-Wakeup … The infinite 5 day cycle surrounded by the same four walls where you crank and sleep… This is the new normal… I accept it…

Farinas Special Empanada

So what’s inside this empanada? Mongo, green papaya, special longganisa and egg sealed inside the orange rice flour crunchy crust. It tastes better with their vinegar condiment dubbed as ‘Sukang Iloco’. One piece is stuffed and enough for an average person’s meal. One advice though, enjoy this while it’s newly fried and hot. It’s one …

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