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We are Broken Machines

Doodling on Black Paper – We are Broken Machines … Dark Art

View in Instagram Broken Machine I’m just a broken machineI can do anythingMy wheels have started to jamMy wheels jam, myI’m just a broken machineWith all the layers of dustSome things have started to failSome things haveSomeI’m just a broken machineThough the record may spinAll my lights have gone dimThey’ve gone dimThey’veI’m just a broken …

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Satanism - Overview and Misconception

Satanism : Overview and Misconception

Satanism: Overview and Misconception Satan has been the best friendthe Church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years!– Anton Szandor LaVey Satanism is a religion that has been shrouded in mystery, fear and misconceptions for centuries. Despite being one of the most misunderstood religions, Satanism has a rich history …

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Demonology - Study of Demons by Poetic Dustbin

Demonology: Understanding the Study of Demons

Demonology: Understanding the Study of Demons Devil insideThe devil insideEvery single one of usThe devil insideDevil insideDevil inside – INXS Demonology is a branch of theology that deals with the study of demons, fallen angels, and evil spirits. Throughout history, demons have been depicted in various cultures as powerful and malevolent beings who seek to harm …

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I am Ugly - Poetic Dustbin

I am ugly… in Dark Arts and Poetry

View in Instagram I am Ugly I am ugly…That’s what you say…I am a monster…Society branded me…Chained by names,Token for games…Indeed i am despicable…hideous in your eyes..But i am what you areA decaying soulShrouded by fleshTainted by needlesColored by pills…I am ugly. I am. – Poetic Dustbin