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Quondam Asinine - The MIRC Days

Quondam Asinine – The MIRC Days – #Dalnet

View on Instagram Quondam Asinine was an alias I used long time ago when I was still chatting on MIRC … leading the pack in #QC Dalnet as the SuperAdmin … Those were simple days where you just type and press enter… The nick as it was called before was titled by my wife …

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Boracay Ocean Waves with Hazelknots

The sound of the ocean waves is a cure for anxiety

  View on Instagram There are the days when I miss you and travelling with you in places where we could be alone together. Boracay is one of those places where you can just relax and never think about work and urban commotion even for a couple of days. With the chaos happening outside …

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I Hate Politics

I Fuckin’ Hate Politics….

View on Instagram First and foremost… I am apolitical… I fuckin’ hate politics! Google defines Politics as: Politics is the way that people living in groups make decisions. Politics is about making agreements between people so that they can live together in groups such as tribes, cities, or countries. In large groups, such as …

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Don’t break the cycle. Get out of it. - Poetic Dustbin

Don’t break the cycle. Get out of it.

View on Instagram The way we live our lives can define our future. Nowadays, most of us just travel around a loop… doing things over and over again… without even knowing it… We wake up, take a bath, eat breakfast, go to work ( which is just right around the corner of our room… …

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Dark Easter Bunny

Easter Leftovers…

  View on Instagram We all celebrate Easter Sunday in different ways… Some more cultural, some more traditional. And some usually in the western part, they have associated this holiday with Easter bunnies and Easter eggs… But for Catholics, Easter Sunday is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. It symbolizes a new dawn of …

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