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New Website : xdcspace portal 2021

Just created a simple portal landing page that links to other Social Media Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. https://www.xdcweb.com It also has quick access to all our websites namely poeticdustbin.com, xylestine.com, houseofhazelknots.com, hazelknots.com and xdcweb.com This is my first dive into using Elementor in site building. I can say that this is a heavenly gift to all beginners who …

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Day 1

Well, it didn’t go as planned in the time sched… again i got pre-occupied with MTG Arena… I was planning to study Premiere or After Effects but I ended up building a deck for my next video… My first deck was a bit unsuccessful. Blue/Green with Uro, Mass Manipulation and Gadwick wasno match for aggro …

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